WLAN Solution for Village

2018-09-08 16:18:00
Brief Introduction

As the economic and technology development in China village, people’s living standard improved a lot, the demand of digital applications increasing all the time; But as far away from cities, too expensive and difficult to deploy the wired network; The long range outdoor CPE solved this problem. It transmit long range wireless network for users, reduce the construction cost, provide multiple access, make village’s network access more convenient.

Requirement Analysis:

1、Meet with long range wireless transmission request, provide full wireless coverage to end users.

2、With water-proof, dust-proof and lightning protection functions, outdoor wireless AP can work in harsh outdoor environment to supply stable wireless signal.

3、Support PoE, flexible to deploy it in the place even no power socket near by.

4、Support centralized management and configuration, working status real-time monitoring, easy operation and maintenance.

High Flexibility

With ABS outdoor use case, IP65 water-proof and dust-proof level, with ESD protection, flexibility to install in different harsh environment

High Availability

MIMO Technology with high data rate,  with external omni antenna for long range wireless coverage.

Long Range Transmission

High RF power, with high gain antenna, the PTP/PTMP Wi-Fi range up to 1~10KM.

Easy Installation

Support PoE, transmit data and provide power by 50~70 meters LAN cable, easy to install the outdoor CPE in place even no power socket nearby.

Plentiful Functions

This device including plentiful functions like multiple operation mode(AP, Gateway, WDS, Wi-Fi Repeater, WISP operation mode), MIMO technology, RF power adjustable, more frequency with channel analysis tool, multiple Encryption, make it a very good choice in village wireless coverage.

Device List

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